Indoor season is in full swing, if you can call it that right now. Pin shoots are taking place, indoor nationals for both USA Archery and the NFAA have been announced and local clubs, including CBH, are hosting more shoots as safely as possible. Please consider traveling a short way to some of our neighboring clubs and help support their programs as well. The competition is always good experience and it’s good to get out a little bit if you feel comfortable. Be safe out there!


During our recent JOAD sessions, it’s become apparent that not everyone is as prepared as they should be when it comes to their “kit.” Many of our members do not have everything they need to be able to make equipment adjustments during class, some are missing vital items like tabs, arm guards or chest protectors. Under this JOAD Program tab on the CBH website there is a page called “What’s In Your Kit?” This is a detailed list of everything you need to have with you in your quiver, your bow bag, and should you have one, in your tool box. Here’s a quick summary of the quiver list:


  1. Tab (recurve)

  2. Release (compound)

  3. Finger sling

  4. Nocks 

  5. Arrow puller 

  6. Arrow lubricant 

  7. Arrow rest

  8. Allen wrenches: both standard & metric

  9. Multi Tool

  10. A length of serving thread 

  11. Spare string

  12. Pens, pencils and calculator




The board has approved weekend dates through the indoor season for pin shoots. These will take place on December 5th, January 2nd,  and March 6th. Only eight people will shoot per line time. Those line times are: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm. Pre-registration is required for each session. A link will be sent to all CBH members as we get closer to the shoot date.



As the pandemic drags on, we need to stay vigilant and not allow ourselves to become complacent. We need to remember to keep our masks on when not shooting, maintain a decent distance, and arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your assigned time. 


As we stated in the last edition of The COVID Files, there will be a YouTube channel and Facebook Group. The coaches are still working on the details of these sites and will let everyone know when they are up and running. In the meantime, if you’re looking to do a few archery exercises or get some additional info on shot form, take a look at the videos the coaches published on the ITAA website:





1.Please remember that classes need to start on time. Be sure to arrive no more than 15 minutes early to your session to ensure that you have enough time to put your equipment together and do warm-ups as a class. Classes will not run past 60 minutes and we will not start late. If you are late, that is shooting and instruction time that you will be missing.


  1. If the weather permits, please assemble your equipment at your vehicle. 

  2. For those arriving for their line time, please be mindful of maintaining space and allowing the students from the previous line to leave the range before coming to the line to start your class. 

  3. Again, please remember to wear your mask when not shooting. We want to keep everyone healthy and safe.

CBH Events

JOAD Achievement Pin shoots for the outdoor season are currently running on an ad hock basis due to the COVID shutdown. Coach Gabe will send out an email before each pin shoot as a registration reminder.


​Field, 3D & Other Club Shoots – See CBH Shoot Schedule (Here)

Upcoming Local, State & National Events

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