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Another indoor season has come and is almost gone (only NFAA Indoor Nationals left to shoot for some). The CBH JOAD program was once again well represented at Indoor State and Nationals and the results for both are in. Congratulations to all who participated (some for the first time) and placed! Your hard work and dedication to the sport are exemplary!

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As usual, Mother Nature loves to give us a taste of warm Spring weather and then pull the rug out from under us with a “surprise” snowfall. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about the outdoor season which, believe it or not, it just around the corner. For some of our members, it’s just a couple weeks away with the Arizona Cup leading it off. So, as we start to shift gears, what changes about our shot? Hmmm… We’re not trying to trip you up, but you should know that nothing about your shot process should change. The only thing that could end up adjusting a bit would be your assessment before you start your shot; now you’re checking your stance on potentially uneven ground, you’re assessing the wind speed and angle, and your aiming a little higher due to increased distance. But your SHOT stays the same. What you’ve worked on this whole indoor season carries through to outdoor. Trust it and build on it. 


  1. Please remember that classes need to start on time. Be sure to arrive no less than 15 minutes early to your session to ensure that you have enough time to put your equipment together and do warm-ups as a class. Classes will not run past 60 minutes and we will not start late. If you are late, that is shooting and instruction time that you will be missing.


 2.  Be sure to have ALL your equipment with you in your bow bag so you can be ready to start class on time. While the club does have loaner equipment should you forget something, it pales in comparison to shooting your own equipment.

 3. For those arriving for their line time, please be mindful of maintaining space and allowing the students from the previous line to leave the range before coming to the line to start your class. 

CBH Events

JOAD Achievement Pin shoots for the indoor season take place the third Thursday evening of each month. Reminder sign-up emails will be sent out before each pin shoot.


​Field, 3D & Other Club Shoots – See CBH Shoot Schedule (Here)

2022 Local, State and National Events


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