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What is AAP?

The Adult Archery Program, or AAP, is an educational and supportive archery program administered by USA Archery, the national governing body for the sport of archery. USA Archery is sanctioned by the US Olympic Committee to oversee US Olympic Archery. USA Archery is a member of the word-wide archery organization FITA (Federation Internationale de Tir a l'Arc). AAP activities range from beginner instruction and outreach to world championship competition.


What happens at an AAP program?

Depending upon the club, members are taught the basic safe steps to use a bow and arrow for target archery by trained and certified instructors. Many clubs are managed by an advanced coach who can take the archers beyond the basic skills and help them become top tournament performers.

Where and when are the sessions?

The CBH AAP meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month with local competitions scheduled on weekends and some weekdays throughout the year. Check out the CBH club calendar for practice dates and times and for shoot schedules at


How much does it cost?

Membership in Chicago Bow Hunters (CBH), either for an individual or family, is required to participate in practice sessions. See for membership details. In order to participate in the achievement pin shoots, membership in USA Archery is required. Visit details. These fees include instruction, range fee and equipment use fee for beginners. AAP archers often own their own equipment.


What should I expect? 

Eight sessions are enough for the instructors to determine if an archer has potential and for the archer to determine if archery is something they would like to pursue. Some will take the experience and move on. Others will want to take the next step further in archery development.


What is the next step?

Equipment, coaching and training.


Step 1. Purchasing equipment so that the archer can practice throughout the week is typical. Purchase equipment that fits right now. It is the only way to develop proper form now. Without proper form now, there will be no later.


Step 2. Coaching is available from the club instructors or from higher level USA Archery Level 3 and 4 certified coaches. Check out the Instructors and Coaches page for more information. A typical coaching schedule ranges from weekly to monthly. Costs vary.


Step 3. Training needs to be fun and that often means social. AAP club sessions provide the fun and social element. Individual practice can take place at an indoor at outdoor archery range or at home.

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