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About Us

Chicago Bow Hunters’ JOAD was started in 2005 in an effort to engage the youth of the club in the sport of archery. The program started off with 8-10 students and, over the past 12 years, has grown to include over 40 archers ranging in age from 8 to 17 years. Our program is run by head coach, Gabe Querol, who’s own son was one of those first JOAD students so many years ago. While his son has grown up and moved on (yet still shoots with his “old man”), Coach Gabe continues to share his passion for the sport of archery with the youth members of CBH.


It is hoped that all archers will develop a passion for the sport and enjoy archery as a lifetime activity. Our highly qualified coaches provide top-notch training to our students. The CBH JOAD Program is chartered with the USA Archery, and abides by its rules and guidelines. True to the nature of CBH, all forms of archery are promoted, including target, field, and 3D.


The CBH JOAD program is available to young archers between the ages of 8 and 21. CBH is a private archery club whose privileges are available to its dues-paying members. CBH JOAD members must hold current membership in CBH, either through a family membership or youth membership. Information is available at


USAA (USA Archery) is the sponsor for all JOAD programs in the United States. CBH JOAD members must hold current membership in the USAA. Information is available at Besides CBH membership fees and USAA registration fees, there are no additional costs to be a member in the CBH program. Practices are usually held each Thursday evening on a weekly basis. Additionally, there are a number of “fun shoots”, competitive tournaments, field, and 3D events that JOAD archers are encouraged to participate in.


For novice archers, equipment can be provided on a trial basis. However, once a commitment has been made to continue in the program, it is expected that the archers will provide their own equipment.

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