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Well, 2022 has been quite the year. We’re edging closer to “back to normal” with a few twists along the way. People are out and about more, and it’s been good to gather with friends again. However, the AAP program is still struggling to make its big comeback after COVID. But, while our numbers may be down, the fun factor is not. We have a strong core group that comes out for nearly every session and a few newbies that come for a few sessions and then pull an Irish exit. And that’s okay. But, know that this APP program is for any adult that wants to work on improving their shot, practice in a group environment, be challenged in a small tournament environment (pin shoots), or just enjoy the camaraderie of fellow shooters. All adults are welcome, so come on out and join us!


Also, if you get on some hunter’s good side, they may bring in some of their game to share. Jay got a beautiful buck earlier this season and brought in ground and sausage venison for the AAP peeps. Thanks, Jay! It was yummy! See? It pays to come to AAP. 😉




























If you are interested in joining us on the second Monday of each month for the pin shoots and the fourth Monday of each month for practice and instruction, contact Heath Sapiega to have your name added to our email list to receive group emails and pin shoot information


  1. Please remember that classes need to start on time. Be sure to arrive no less than 15 minutes early to your session to ensure that you have enough time to put your equipment together and do warm-ups as a class. Classes will not run past 60 minutes and we will not start late. If you are late, that is shooting and instruction time that you will be missing. 

  2. Be sure to have ALL your equipment with you in your bow bag so you can be ready to start class on time. While the club does have loaner equipment should you forget something, it pales in comparison to shooting your own equipment.

  3. Per the CDC guidance, masks are optional. If you are not feeling well, please stay home. It’s not like we take attendance and you’re not gonna be docked “points,” so please help us keep everyone healthy and safe.


CBH Events

  • AAP Achievement Pin shoots for the indoor season take place the second Monday evening of each month. Reminder sign-up emails will be sent out before each pin shoot.

  • ​Field, 3D & Other Club Shoots – See CBH Shoot Schedule

2023 Local, State & National Events

If there are other shoots that are not listed here that you think should be included, please email that info to me at and I will be sure to include them in the next web page update. 


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