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Range Rules


  • Shoot only at target corresponding with the shooting stake or at the practice butts. Absolutely no flight shooting.

  • Broadheads are ONLY allowed in the woods off the raised platform approximately 10 yards west of the old clubhouse and 3D targets 1-4, except during August through December when they are permitted on the entire 3D range. Broadhead practice is not permitted on the 15-80 yard practice bales.

  • Stay on regular paths at all times. Do not take a shortcut, or backtrack; you might walk into another shooting lane.

  • If no target face is on the butt, do not shoot; there may be someone in back of the butt working.

  • Put a bow or a yellow flag in front of the target when you you’re in back looking for arrows. During tournaments, only three (3) minutes allowed to hunt arrows.

  • Return all arrows you may find to the clubhouse.

  • You may use the range at any time except when it’s closed for schedule work parties, or when deemed necessary by the Range Officer. There will be absolutely no shooting on the range or practice butts until the Range Officer declares it open.

  • Adult members are responsible for a guest or under age children (under age 18) while on club grounds.

  • Shoot from authorized shooting positions only.

  • Use only authorized equipment on the range. No crossbows, guns, or BB guns are allowed.

  • The range officer or tournament chairman will control and enforce safety regulations during organized shoots.

  • Position of targets and archer shall be such that arrows will not leave club property.

  • Do not shoot or in any way harm wildlife or vegetation on our property. This is a game refuge.

  • Shooting is only allowed on club-recognized ranges.

  • Do not litter grounds with paper or rubbish. Field strip all cigarette butts, and dispose of cigarette filters in trash receptacles.

  • No bottles are allowed any place but the immediate area of the Clubhouse.

  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed at specific social functions which must be approved by the Executive Board. These functions shall in no way be connected with shooting and at all other times alcoholic beverage (including beer) shall not be allowed on C.B.H. Property.

  • Children under 18 years of age shall not shoot without adult supervision.

  • Defacing or destruction of the club property will result in the arrest, prosecution and expulsion from the club.

  • Children under 16 years of age shall be under adult supervision at all times while on C.B.H. Property.

  • Keep front gate closed and lock except during club functions.

  • If you are the last to leave, make sure lights are off, windows are closed, and Clubhouse and gate are locked.

  • A shooting guest is limited to three visits to C.B.H. This includes both club shoots and visits to the range at any other times. The only exceptions are scheduled invitational, unless the guest is a potentional member and has submitted a completed application form with dues.

  • If you see someone on the range who is not a member, check and make sure they know they are on an archery range. Ask them to join you as your guest, except during functions where guests are invited.

  • Pets will be allowed anywhere on C.B.H. property. When on the premises, they must be kept under control.

  • Members are asked to have their membership card with them when they are on the range.

  • Don’t forget – this is a sport of mixed company, so in courtesy to all, please avoid the use of profanity and be a sportsman.


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