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2022 North Region FITA Field Recap

Congratulations and thank you to all the archers who contributed to a very successful 2022 North Region FITA Field. All though weather threatened shooting on Saturday, conditions turned out to be quite good and the tournament proceeded, uninterrupted. Through the years, we have selected many different target placements, which we’ve found to be engaging. Challenging archers with different angles, visual intimidation and difficult footing. This year we included many of our favorite targets and found some new and interesting shots. We hope you found the course fun and challenging as well. We will send a brief online survey to see how we can become better and make this event something you’ll want to come back to, year in and year out. We had shooters come from as far away as Texas and very much appreciate all who traveled to help make the event a success. We would like to share a couple of photos. Yes, we had some archers standing in water. This young archer forgot her boots! Lucky for her, her dad hustled home to bring proper footwear and she didn’t have to spend the day with wet, cold feet!


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