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CBH 2021 Half Field Recap - June

We had 19 shooters experience a beautiful day shooting on the first half of CBH’s field course. There were shooters who have never tried this style of archery and our hope is that everyone had a good time and learned about shooting field.

There were many things to note, but the laughter and fun experienced throughout the day is what I’ll remember. Our overall high score was Nazh Macalandong. There was a spirited competition at the cub distance, with only 2 points separating Veda and Alice. Amongst the, ahem, biggest kids, the scores may not have been earth shattering, but the repartee was saucy.

We are very fortunate at CBH to have one of the few field courses in the area. It requires lots of land and constant attention to keep a field course viable. Many thanks to all who helped prepare the course for our use, including: Wally Schmidt, Heather Hodge, Jeff Marchetti, Gene Turek, Jim McDonough, Megan McDonough and Bill Stryjewski. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some but the appreciation is of course extended to all. Also a big thanks to our registrar, Andrew Querol.

Thank you to every archer who came to have fun, support field archery and CBH. We look forward to seeing you on September, 11, when the second leg of our event will be held on the second half of CBH’s field course.

Please find the results of the shoot here.



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