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CBH 2021 Half Field Recap - September

We had 17 shooters participate on a beautiful Saturday morning. The event utilized the second half of CBH’s field course. There was some phenomenal shooting by our archers, with Matt Anderson only dropping 10 points and Alice Lee only dropping 16 points.

Those who participated in June and September were eligible for aggregate awards and they are noted in the results. Thank you for your participation!

I saw lots of camaraderie and smiles and for the first time I can remember, we found all reported lost arrows!!

We would like to thank our volunteers who made this event possible. Tom Havel, our Master of Ceremonies, was also instrumental in setting the field. Ralph Campagna and Heather Hodge also prepped the course, while Heather and Andrew Querol were part of the arrow finding brigade! We also want to thank Andrew for acting as our registrar for both this event and the half field in June. We would also like to thank Tony Kaap for being our registration point person, for both the June and September dates.


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