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North Region FITA Field 2021

We had a sunny and warm weekend to shoot our 2021 North Region FITA Field. The fact that a pleasant weekend was forecast might have been the reason that there was only one no show!! That’s unheard of for this event. There were 53 participants this year, which is about a third fewer shooters than 2019. Numbers wise it was a success as many people are still hesitant to participate in group activities. CBH volunteers have provided a food service in the past, which was not done this year.

We had shooters from 4 states. Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois, travel to shoot with us this year. We can’t thank our shooters enough for supporting CBH, The North Region and archery!

CBH presented itself quite well in terms of its facilities and range, as well as the quality of its shooters. CBH special award winners for being top shooters were, Leah Tharian, Ian Sondgeroth, Darlene Kossler, Emma Schaefer, Nazhruddin Macalandong, Alice Lee, Yash Mishra, Megan McDonough and Andrew Querol.

Volunteers are the backbone of this event and I wanted to take a moment to recognize them. Tom Havel has been a driving force in running this tournament. All the behind the scenes work is never seen. Jim and Megan McDonough, Tony Kaap, Kathleen Badon, Mark Wolverton, Andrew Querol, Randy Rutledge, Cheri Kirkpatrick, Steve and Aidan Datillo, Dennis Timpanaro, Heather Hodge, put their talents and time to work to present an event CBH and The North Region can be proud with which to be associated. If some of these names are familiar, it’s because these talented people are often working for the betterment of archery in our area, regardless of club affiliation.


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